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HR Department Setup

Our HR consulting services give your business all the operations support you need. If you’re a business that’s just starting out, one that is growing, or at a place where your looking to upgrade to a “Paperless HR” – we’re here to make what can be a daunting process easier.


HR Department Infrastructure

We’ll create or update the HR department infrastructure, working closely together with your business to ensure all your needs are met. Noble Hearts will develop a custom solution for your unique business, including setting up benefits, human capital management platform, creation of handbooks, policies and procedures, orientation, onboarding, and much more.

From supporting your business in the selection, customization and the training of staff in the use of the selected software – we take you through each step, making the experience easy and seamless.


Record Maintenance

Employee Record Maintenance is critical from the point of on-boarding to off-boarding. When maintained it prevents inconsistencies, complaints, legal issues and low morale. We keep your employee records accurate, up to date, and compliant using your chosen software.


Regulatory Database

Federal and state statutes regarding employees, regularly change, we have a nationwide database and legal consultants that keeps our clients current on updates. We also respond on-behalf of our clients to information inquiries by third parties.


Business Policies and Procedures

Documenting your business policies and procedures is not only mandatory but communicates the standards and expectations of your company. We create custom handbooks and other staff communications and track the receipt of information by each of your employee’s


Benefit and Leave Administration

Benefit and leave administration are essential to attract the right candidates, support staff while maintaining the flow of productivity and ensure compliance with regulations. Our team will support businesses with the design of competitive benefit programs, staff communications, trainings, and day to day administration.

HR on Standby

A monthly subscription service ideal for startups and mid-size employers. Our HR on Standby program provides businesses with a fixed number of support hours per month from a senior HR professional. HR services when and how you need it, without incurring the high costs of hiring full-time staff. Requires a 60 day commitment and a minimum of 5 hours per month.

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