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Noble Hearts HR Consulting is here to help your business thrive in the long-term.

That means growing your leader’s skill sets, improving management tactics, and become more efficient and inspiring.


Leadership Coaching Program Benefits

With over 20 years of senior management experience, our business coaches provide leaders with objective viewpoints, supporting their growth and providing clarity on critical business decisions.

  • A confidential sounding board to leaders
  • Challenges leaders to strategize and develop goals
  • Magnifies positive traits, while modifying any negative traits
  • Support leaders in identifying and resolving challenges to change initiatives
  • Stimulate leaders to think creatively and think “POSSIBLE.”

Training New or Emerging Human Resources Generalists

Human Resources is the “Face of your Company” to candidates, employees, third party administrators (TPA), and regulatory agencies. The nuances of managing Human Resources can be complex and the decision making can impact your organization. Mistakes are prone to happen when thrown to the fire learning it all on their own. There’s too much at risk! Invest in one of your most critical hires. Provide them with virtual coaching from a seasoned certified HR professional. Our goal is to train-up your HR team leads in process development, prioritization, compliance / audit readiness, investigations, employee relations, benefit program design, team building and wherever there is a gap in knowledge.

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