A Minority / Woman-Owned
Small Business

Noble Hearts HR Consulting provides a full range of human resources, staffing, and people operations support for start-ups to mid-size employers. While we work across various industries our specialty is non-profits and healthcare. For our clients we attract, hire, inspire, lead, and retain high-performing and productive employees.



  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Executive Search
  • HR Strategy Design & Implementation
  • Business Process Improvements
  • Employee Engagement & Benefits
  • Change Management
  • Payroll Administration
  • Coaching Business Leadership & Emerging HR Professionals
  • HCM & HRIS Platform Selection &Implementation
  • Staff Development
  • Union Negotiations & Mediations
  • Employee Relations & Retention Planning
  • Investigations & Conflict Resolution
  • Federal & State Regulation Compliance


  • Black & Woman Owned Business
  • An Ethnic Diverse & Multigenerational TeamWith Over 30 Years’ Career Experience
  • Certified Human Resource Professionals
  • Expertise in Healthcare, Non-Profit & Human Services Management
  • Customized Service Plans and Fee Arrangements to Meet Business Operational Goals and Budgets
  • Creative, Agile, Resourceful Business Partners


  • CP Unlimited – Recruitment Support
  • Outreach – Executive / Administrative Staffing &Leadership Executive Retreat Design & Facilitation
  • VIP Community Services – Business Coaching
  • Signpost – Benefit Administration
  • J2 Medical Supply – Staffing Support
  • EZ-AD TV – HR Start-up & Payroll Administrator
  • Annexus Technologies -HR Start-Up &Administrator
  • Fadmo Home Healthcare – HCM Platformassessment and selection
  • Five Points Healthcare – Staffing Support


Website: Nobleheartshr.com

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 845-579-2002

Cell: 845-633-3124

EIN Number


DUNS Number


NYC M/WBE Number





541612 – HR Consulting

541611 – Admin & General Mgmt. Consulting

561320 – Temporary Help

561312 – Executive Search

561110 – Office Administrative Services

611430 – Professional Mgmt. Development Training

813920 – Professional Organization


370 – Education & Training

346 – Business Consulting

195 – Vocational Training

081 – Human Resources

082 – Insurance Mgmt.

089 – Training Services

353 – Professional Services

352 – Medical & Human Services Consulting

Why Partner with MWBE Certified Businesses Like Noble Hearts HR Consulting

Noble Hearts HR Consulting specializes in people operations, human resources, and staffing services for starts up to mid-size employers. As a certified minority and woman-owned business here are four reasons why partnering with us should be your next step:

  • Diversification, Innovation & Creativity: In an ever-changing business landscape, partnering with a MWBE diversifies the service providers to your business and offers a wide array of experience, skills, perspectives, and insights. With tailoring attention to your operational needs, a MWBE certified business is agile, resourceful and promotes out of the box thinking.

  • Tax Incentive: The federal government provides tax breaks and incentives to organizations that partner with minority and woman-owned businesses. These tax incentive programs are designed to reduce tax liabilities for projects funded with federal loans and state loans. Also, it includes grants when the producer or supplier is a woman-owned business. Some states also offer their own tax incentives for doing business with a certified MWBE.1

  • ROI and Procurement: A study conducted by the Hackett Group showed increased profits with a 130% ROI. MWBE has been shown to offer additional competitive advantages through sound procurement efforts.2 Thus, if you want increased revenue for your firm, you should consider working with minority a woman-owned business.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: To talk the talk, you must walk the walk. Regardless of time or place, culture has always been important for attracting and retaining top talent. 47% of applicants seeking a new job, cite company culture as the main reason for doing so.4 Thus, partnering with women and minority-owned businesses show how highly you value the group.

Your Next Step

Schedule a brief intro meeting with Noble Hearts HR Consulting and learn how collaborating with our people operations experts can support your business in achieving their staffing and Human Resources goals. Reach us at - [email protected] or 845-579-2002.


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